There are at least 10 distinct types of power problems, which we  refer to as the “power gremlins”, that can negatively affect your audio equipment. Effects range from audible noise or hum in your components, loss of dynamic range, reduced quality of sound or video, slow burnout of components, loss of presets, complete loss of sound or picture, ruined recordings, burned out video projector bulbs, speaker damage, all the way to the complete destruction of electronic circuits leaving nothing but smoke and charred ruins.

Many audio power conditioning products have addressed either a single problem (such as surge arrestors) or only a few of the problems. These products are designed to reduce the effects of one or more of the gremlins, but none have offered a fully effective solution to the full range of power problems. While some are effective at their intended task, a surprising number have made extravagant claims of effectiveness, or promise sound system improvements based on questionable engineering principles. Others operate so inefficiently that they are unable to deliver the full current required by high power audio equipment. 

PurePower AC regeneration is the ONLY technology that provides one perfect solution to eliminate all 10 Power Gremlins. 

See the Comparison Matrix  to see how various power protection and conditioning technologies deal with the power gremlins. 


1. Blackouts        
A total loss of utility power 

2. Frequency variation
A change in frequency stability


3. Transients 
Instantaneous high voltage increase in the range of nanoseconds

4. Harmonics    
Distortion of the normal waveform,  transmitted by non-linear loads


5. Over Voltage 
Increased line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to  days 

6. Brownouts           
Reduced line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to days

7.  Sags            
Short term low voltage  

8. ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI)
Also a
high Frequency waveform  - often referred to as noise

9. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
High Frequency waveform  - often referred to as noise     

Short term high voltage 

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