The Top 5 Things to Know About Power Conditioning

1.   What's the difference between a power conditioner and a power strip?
Typically, not much. Most power conditioners are merely power strips on steroids. The first power conditioners were power strips with surge protection and a noise filter. Every variation on that theme is still a power strip at heart and only capable of a moderate degree of protection, some noise reduction, but no isolation from the power utility.  There is no reason to spend more than $99 on one of these, although some brands are offered at over $3,000. Generally, they do nothing to regulate the voltage or correct the sine wave. The bigger they are, the more power they consume, drawing power away from your system. A few expensive models add stepped voltage regulation and one even has sine wave correction as well. These are nice features to put on a power conditioner but still don’t offer true isolation from the local utility. Our biggest complaint about the expensive conditioners is that many of them crush the dynamics of your audio system to such an extent, they ruin the listening experience.

2.  What are the most common AC problems?
There are 10 things that can go wrong with your inbound AC power from the local power company that will affect your system. We call them the ten Power Gremlins.
1.       Blackouts: A total loss of utility power
2.       Frequency variation: A change in frequency stability
3.       Transients: Instantaneous high voltage increase in the range of nanoseconds
4.       Harmonics: Distortion of the normal waveform, generally transmitted by non-linear loads
5.       Over Voltage:Increased line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days
6.       Brownouts: Reduced line voltage for extended periods of a few minutes to a few days
7.       Sags: Short term low voltage
8.   EMI  (Electro Magnetic Interference):
High Frequency waveform - often referred to as noise

9.   RFI (Radio Frequency Interference):      
Also a High Frequency waveform - often referred to as noise

10.  Surges: Short term high voltage

3.  Do typical power conditioners protect my system  from all 10 Power Gremlins?
No. Some provide protection from 2 or 3 or even 5  of these threats but no power conditioning product except PurePower solves all of them at the same time in one box. See our Power Gremlin  chart to compare the protection capabilities of typical power conditioner technologies.

4.   What is AC Regeneration?
This is the term used to describe the process of converting the inbound AC from the utility company into DC, then back to AC again as a perfect, noise-free, stable voltage sine wave. PurePower’s proprietary design delivers newly generated AC to your system, at the point of use and always keeps it totally isolated from the utility supply.

5.  Who makes the world’s best AC Regenerator?  PurePower. We make the only authentic AC Regenerator on the market today because it’s the only product to offer total isolation from the local utility. This means it delivers a perfect 120v output, (or 230v in export markets) regardless of what’s going on at the local utility, regardless of the load. No other product on the market can make that statement. No other product can deliver as much current, measured in RMS watts, as PurePower can because nothing else is as efficient.  In fact, PurePower can outperform the wall outlet in watts delivered to power hungry amps by 10%, driving your amplifier to new heights of dynamic range with the latest HD audio content.  


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