How Much Electricity Does your AV System Consume?

Most people have no idea how much electrical power their systems consume, or if the quality of that power is good or bad. PurePower's Free Power Audit calculates the total power draw of your system so you can determine which PurePower model would be the right choice for your system. We also ask you to comment on common power problems, such as sags, surges, noise, and distortion. These are the conditions you need to worry about if you own a high-performance system.

For example, one of our dealers told us recently about a customer whose system kept shutting down. We recommended he put a Fluke Tester on the house's main breaker panel for a couple of weeks and chart the events. Below is a graph of a typical voltage sag that lasted 0.66 seconds. Sags like these and worse happened over 300 times in the 20 days of the test period.

If you own a high performance system, consider isolating it from the local power utility with a PurePower AC Regenerator. Regardless of what is going on at the local utility, your system will get perfect power, 24/7/365, and you will have the peace of mind knowing its protected and operating at its maximum potential.

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