September 2017

PurePower+ 2000

After being a happy PurePower 1050 owner for many years (was used for my Sony 1100es projector) I want to give you some feedback relative to my Sony 5000es laser projector and my PurePower +2000.

In testing, simulating a loss of power event, my PurePower +2000 had plenty of headroom to power the 5000es, for an extended period of time, allowing me plenty of time to initiate a proper fan/liquid cooled shut down. Other 5000 owners have had difficulties finding an online Regenerator that was robust enough to power this power hungry beast of a projector. No problem with the PP..

Nice to know that in such a power loss, the surrounding components (I.e. the SXRD panel, optical block, light source (in this case laser, but often lamp) etc... is not subject to brief, but intense heat with a failed cooling cycle due to power loss. Also nice to know, that during inclement weather, such as during snow storms, where I otherwise would think twice on turning on my projector, now I power on with no worries.

These projectors are very expensive, and the repairs are very complex and can take many months. Though I am still in warranty, I wish to take great care of the projector now, with hopes that I will have no issues with the projector when out of warranty.  I figure the PP with its stable, clean, uninterrupted power... is excellent insurance and an added level of protection, as it was with my 1100es.

As far as performance goes, I have not done extensive A/B testing, but the PP certainly does not impede the picture at all... quite to the contrary. If anything, it appears to produce a tad crisper, noise free image with a bit more depth. Colors appear great as well as contrast. Hard to tell to what degree this is attributable to the PP alone, but from the image this projector is throwing, my PP is not going anywhere.

Thanks for a wonderful product Damian!

Hi-Fi News,

February 2017

The PurePower+ 2000 was awarded the "Outstanding Product" title in the February 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News.

"It quickly became apparent that the 2000HV is capable of eliciting remarkable improvements in sound quality, principally in the area of dynamics, imaging and detail retrieval. Dynamic range seemed effortlessly wider, bass more solid, and the sound took on that indefinable 'rightness' which affirms that you've taken a significant step closer to what's on the master."

Keith Howard

Full review:



Music Emotion,

December 2016

"PurePower 1500 neer te zetten als een
‘must have’ voor een respectabel audio

"The PurePower 1500 is a
'Must have' for a respectable audio

René van Es

Full review  (In Dutch): Music Emotion.pdf


Hautre Fidelite,

September 2016

"Frankly Astonishing"
La solution technique adoptée par PurePower APS est efficace,
c’est indiscutable. Nous redoutions cependant de voir les perturbations
secteur supprimées et remplacées par les bruits de commutation
de l’onduleur de l’appareil. Des craintes vite balayées après
quelques secondes d’écoute. Le HV1500 épanouit le message en
libérant son contenu d’une pollution qu’on ne suspectait même pas.
Franchement étonnant.
Dominique Mafrand

 Full review (In French): Fidelite.pdf  


Howard Andrews,

January 2017

PurePower+ 1500

The PP1500 arrived a day early and I set it up right away. My small system,
with the MC7900 Integrated and the Wilson Sabrina, is an excellent system
for critical listening as well as pure music appreciation. I would have been
happy with just the protection and battery backup of the 1500 but this
beauty actually enhanced an already beautiful sound. Smoothness with greater
detail is difficult for an audio piece to provide but the PurePower somehow
makes it happen. Voices are more human and instruments float individually in
the air without getting in the way of another one. You can bet that when I
replace the older 2000 in my main system, it will be with a new PurePower




Brent Tuthill,

December 2015

PurePower™ 1050

I did check my invoice - dated 11/17/2008. Could hardly believe that the 1050's been giving perfect service for over 7 years! What build quality!!

I want you to know whenever the 1050 needs to be replaced, it WILL BE
with a new PurePower product. Of all the equipment I own, the 1050's extremely
highly regarded.

 I'll never forget the day when I first heard the 1050 in my system! The difference it made was phenomenal! Not "really something". Not "really big". Not "truly dramatic". But, phenomenal!

At that moment, I was a customer for life!



Brent Tuthill,

December 2015

Damian -- just had to get back to you
I'd like to discuss something highly favorable concerning your PurePower
design. Has to do with an aspect of (dramatic) sound field improvement with
multi-channel systems. 
I looked at several of the rave reviews on your website. And I have to agree
with everything I read.  But, I did not see one very important improvement ...
and it has to do with what I call sound field dimensionality.  Specifically, I am
referring to the depth and layering effect.
Let me give you a simple example of what I am talking about.  I just helped
a friend put together a "high performance for cost" 5.1 system.  We are talking
about a good, solid, basic entry level system.  But, one with very carefully chosen equipment designed to work together optimally in every way.
It actually sounded better than it had a right to ... if you know what I mean.
And my friend just loved it!   But, he heard it one way ... I heard it another.
Here is what I heard.  While the sound quality was indeed very good, the
sound field lacked depth - to the point that there really wasn't any to speak
of.  The 3-D effect in sound just was not there.  Also, intermediate imaging
was on the weak side. I know you know exactly what I'm talking about.
But, here's my real point.  The difference between a 2-D system
and a 3-D system is the same as the difference between 2-D photographic
images (a flat surface) and 3-D images (natural depth of image is rendered).
Since we see images in 3-D - not 2-D - one instantly knows which one
seems more "real".
Same holds true with sound, I find.  When you have a system - two-channel
or multi-channel - that presents a "flat" 2-dimensional sound stage, the sense
of realism greatly suffers. When the sound field can be dramatically expanded
in terms of depth, the 3-D effect it gives puts you so much closer to the coveted
realism in sound - since we hear sound in 3-D just like what we see is in 3-D.
And this is what your PurePower design does. It gets you so much
closer to reality ... with everything you hear.
Many of your customers speak glowingly of cleaner sound, well differentiated
bass, enhanced "mids", and other specific aspects within the sound field. 
But, I have not seen any reference to the dramatic sense of depth to the
sound field the PurePower unit creates via "sound field expansion".
I can hear sound images with my system that are so well defined
in terms of depth that I can actually hear the layers of sound from front
to back -- throughout the sound field. And my system is not top of the line.
When I said that the 1050 created a phenomenal improvement, this is
what I was referring to.  It took it so much closer to 3-D in sound!  The
sense of reality went up by several notches.  And with a 7.2 system,
when you are surrounded by an "acoustic bubble" that goes beyond
the confines of the room itself ... it is nearing the pinnacle of stunning
realism in sound.
I would never have known this, had I not put the 1050 in my system.
Not other power conditioner I tried could even approach this level of
You, Sir, are in a class by yourself! 
I've designed quite number of home theater systems over the years.
And I know this ... every single one of them would be greatly improved
by the addition of a PurePower Regenerator.  BIG TIME!!
I hope you take this lengthy write up as extremely high praise for your
outstanding power purification design.
Like I say, it's in a class by itself.

Lynne Harvey,
 British Columbia

December 2015

PurePower+ 2000

Well I did my tests...

The opening 30Hz of 2001; A Space Odyssey and bits of Valkyrie.
At times the power meter hits 75% and that's about it.
If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.
I am using both Velodyne DD12 subwoofers and the bass (which I love) is tighter....very nice


The overall sound has changed for the better.
Thank you


Ed Doggen,

PurePower Distributor

November 2015

PurePower+™ 3000

Today I had the first possibility to measure the noise level of a modified PP 3000 with the new Analog Fan control system.


You can see it in the  photo.
The measurements were taken under silent room conditions.
Still slightly audible but very acceptable.
Hats off!


Sherman Amsell,

June 2015

PurePower+ 2000 plus PurePower+1500

I wanted to follow up about the 3 pure power+ plus units I have here - two PP+2000's, and one PP+1500.  As I update and upgrade my audio system, I can have confidence in the AC, knowing its origins.  I can also turn on my amplifiers using their own switch now - your short-duration and instant-duration currents really come in handy.

  I recommend Pure Power to all the audiophiles I know.  I hope some of the recommendations have resulted in sales.  You make a wonderful, extremely needed product WHICH WORKS - I want to see PP+s in everyone's living room.



March 2015

PurePower+ 1500HV

The PurePower 1500 with use is improving more and more!! Congratulations!! The fans are EXCEPTIONAL!!! VERY QUIET.


Glen Adams,

May 2015

PurePower 2000

Well, the I purchased this one-chassis gem almost 5 years ago, and have never
operated without it since - and fates willing, I never will run any kit without
one of your units between it and the mains at the wall. As I have  had
several different component sets downstream to date, I will try to provide 
sufficient detail for each incarnation in order to do the best justice and 
provide the best context for what will be a 5 Star, hit-for-six  review.
My speakers have been Apogee Acoustics Planars and one hybrid Apogee, the
rarest - Cepheus 8s. The Planars have all been factory/installer 
refurbished with Apogee (Graz) parts. They are Stages and  external-x-over-modified Stages, updated Duetta Signatures and Duetta Signature  Ultimates, and 1 ohm Scintilla Ultimates (both by TSW/Rich Murry). I also  used Acoustic Zen
Adagios and Emerald Physics CS2.7 occasionally whenauditioning new components
etc. These are very revealing and detailed speakers that have massively
benefited from the quiet and clarity provided by your PP2000 regenerated power.
In my rig as I took your delivery of the beautifully packaged black PP2000
and plopped it's 22.5" frame on the bottom of my rack were stock but 
re-ribboned Apogee Acoustics Duetta Signatures, Vincent Audio SPT100  hybrid and Wyred4Sound SX500 digital mono amps, a Modwright SE 9.0 pre, and a Jolida
CD 100 tube CD player. Nowadays, my reference system includes a Modwright
Ultimate Mod Sony XA5400ES SACD player, an EAR/Yoshino Acute 3  redbook CD
player, the same Modwright pre, and Bob Carver 240wpc Custom KT-120  and KR
Audio Kronzilla T1610 SET monos. The Carver powers the Scintillas, and the KR
the Duetta Sig Ultimates. In every setup my PP2000 has elicited comments 
about the black silence of the background and organic feel of the detail and
of bass and high frequency extension.
I feel as if I am always playing my music at 3 in the morning. The  power
is clean, artifact of any kind is non-existent, and all components seem to 
operate at their optimum. Dynamics are shockingly lifelike, and I take  great
care with new music until I know the peaks, because with a PP2000 in 
train, they are sure to be a lifelike as I have ever heard - and therefore it
helps to know what's coming, yes? Think sudden unexpected rimshot at 0300 here
... it is that realistically BAM!
Whether supplying power to digital, SS tube or exotic hybrid amplification, my PurePower 2000 always gets the best and often spooky results. Another
frequent comment has been about the exquisite midrange of my system(s).
Since the PP2000 has been there, most other bits have been substituted over the
years while friends' and pro listeners' comments and my impressions have
been so favourably constant.  I give a great deal of the credit to my PP2000
and it's regenerated power and clean design principles.
When tube-rolling, I feel I'm able to detect the smallest detail and
improvement of each tube I am auditioning far better than I ever have without
the PP2000's clean and quiet environment. This has let me find tubes  that
others ignore and which are therefor cheaper and more readily available, yet
which I am able to draw exquisite detail and potential out of. In this 
instance, my PP2000 has saved me money repeatedly while also optimizing my tube kit's performance - something I can provide references for, as my favourite 
tubes now are often non-audiophile performers. Yet draw the cited praise 
As a result of all of this, I am a life-long convert to PurePower  APS and
your wonderful products, and there are several who have heard it's  benefits
who have told me they agree. I know at least one has already purchased  a
2000 unit for his system. As Romy the Cat says, This is one component above 
all others that actually performs as or better than advertised. I cannot
agree more heartily: My PurePower 2000 has taken my mid-level system to new
heights that tens of thousands of dollars could not better if spent elsewhere.
And  better yet, this is not just my opinion; listeners - both Audio
Society and  professional as well as friends of long acquaintance - have said  so.
Your extremely satisfied and fortunate customer,
Glen Adams

Sherman Amsell, California

September 2014

 PurePower+ 2000

Well, the results of my completely subjective test are in. Music with the Pure Power+ units as the AC source clearly sounds best. 

Lows are defined, not muddled, and not "thuddy".  Mids and highs are dynamic, subtle, and clearly & distinctly audible.  I use the Pure Power+ units exclusively, and NEVER switch to another power source.

The low bass notes were both heard and felt with regenerated AC - not so with PG&E utility power.  I could hear that a bass was being played, but could not feel it at all, with plain old wall power.  With regenerated AC, the bass was delivered with far more definition and coherency.  That's probably why I could feel it at 12 milliwatts!

The noise floor was similarly reduced with regenerated AC.  Not being an audible thing, it's more the way the listening experience unfolds with lowered noise floors.  Here too, the way the music arrives at the ear is more present, with less in the way of the music on its path from disc file to your brain.  I hope that makes sense ...

The midrange was open with regenerated AC; flat with pg&e.  Wall power was like listening to Iggy Pop's famously low fidelity recordings: if he didn't do it on purpose, it's as if he did.  His music is very funny because it uses virtually no dynamic range, and is just wham and bang - but great if you like punk of the 70's and 80's.  That said, I do not want all my music to sound that way. PG&E made my system sound non-dynamic.  Regenerated AC allowed the full dynamic range.  I could hear and feel the difference.

I seem to be in the habit of thanking you.  So, let me do it one more time!  Thanks so much for everything.  I am thrilled with the regenerators.  They are easily the best improvement in sound I have ever made - and there's protection from the whims and ravages of PG&E to boot.  What more could an audiophile ask?   


Bill Gaw


"Enjoy the Music"

August 2013

 PurePower+™ 1500

Now I'd like to discuss the best thing that's happened to my system in months, the PurePower line of AC regenerators. I've been running all of my equipment through three of their PP 2000 units for several years now and have been more than content with the sound of my system. They do an excellent job of cleaning up the AC grunge, giving the best sound yet out of my system, even on nights when the electricity is atrocious.

So about two weeks ago, Richard Janzen and his lovely wife Donelda came over with three of their units, a PurePower+ 3000 and two PurePower+ 1500 Regenerators...

All in all, there was a significant enough improvement over the older units to require me to once more dig into my retirement fund for immediate payment for them.

Read full review at:


Ken Hardesty

August 2013

PurePower+™ 3000

After hooking up the PP3000+ to my audio & video system, I noticed the following changes in sound. 

When playing any audio source (CD, Vinyl, DAT, FM tuner) the music seems to come from a much quieter background. On really good recordings, this can be rather startling when music has silence between notes, then starts again from a “blacker” background. The bass seems much more organic, acoustic standup bass sounds more “woody”. Electric bass has more punch. Although not consistent enough to be sure, the high-end (treble) seems a little smoother on some recordings, but not all. The midrange seems to have more space around vocals & instruments, with more “texture”. When using my analog  tuner, once a station has been “tuned”, the center channel tuning meter doesn’t move! When bypassing the regenerator, the tuning meter wobbles around, and sometimes requires “re-tuning” to center the meter. The sound from my Stereo is now consistent, regardless of when I listen. Without the regenerator, my stereo sounds best after midnight, when there is less use of electric by commercial & residential users. It’s like having your very own dedicated electric company for your system! 

Now on to video. Wow! It’s like we got a new TV. The color is way more vibrant, like turning up the color control. This is evident the second you turn on the TV, the colors “pop” without being over saturated. I have Verizon FIOS, and thought my TV was performing at its best. Not so! The PP3000+ makes such a big improvement, like going from regular TV to High-Definition TV. The picture is that much clearer. I can never go back to not having this brilliant piece of engineering. Pure Power LLC is definitely on top of their game with these new “Plus” units. 

Thank-you from a happy customer! I appreciate everything you did for me. I love this thing! 


Romy "The Cat", 

July, 2013

PurePower+™ 3000

"Sound. It is no brainer: the new unit does sound notably better then old one. 
It is across the board: bass, dynamics, HF noise, in any audible 
characteristic. ....It was very interesting to switch the new unit to operate 
from wall to battery (with no bypass mode). The sound is virtually the same... 

To summarized everything. Pure Power after the famous Chinese accident had to come up with own version made in Canada. They did. If the PP+ would be 
identical to older Chinese-made units then Pure Power world have logical 
problems. Luckily for  Pure Power, ..., the new PP+ units are sonically more 
advanced than the older PurePower units. It shall give to new PP+ some 
momentum. I think the main attention for Pure Power shall be functionality, 
stability of operation and quality control. They do have a good product in my 
view ..."


Jeffrey Negus,
New York, NY

June, 2013

PurePower+™ 2000

I received her yesterday, and she's working flawlessly. 

It's such a load off my mind to be able to play my stereo without worrying about the horrible fluctuating power coming out of the wall in my apartment. 

Thank you very much for such a great product and wonderful service. 


Toronto, Ontario

April 2013

PurePower+™ 1500
Yes the 1500 is performing as promised, actually with a better than 
expected set of changes in the sound. It is not only consistent across the day, but much improved all the time. Clearly it can provide power even the wall cannot match at the best of times. 


Claude Bear
Prestige Hifi Martinique,

March  2013

PurePower+™ 1500
started already my demo today for my 
very good clients and they are very happy and wonderful.  I 
thank you very much again and again for the product because 
PurePower+ is "The Best Of The Best "

Kelly Hendricks
San Anselmo, CA

February 2013

PurePower+™ 3000
I wanted to give myself a few days of listening to make sure I wasn't
hallucinating before reporting my impressions of the +3000.  Basically, I'm a complete convert. I won't bore you with adjectives, except that almost everything is better, most importantly the  musical listening experience!
 Really, there's no going back - I'm sold.

Bob Visintainer,
New York, NY

February, 2013

PurePower+™ 3000
So, I connected two of my big Goldmund amps to the PP3000 today.  I always feel like I get incredible sound late at night when the 200 pc's in this building are turned off.  Well to my surprise the sound with the two amps going into the PP3000 along with a bunch of my front end stuff is giving me the same sound in the day as it does at night.  Just like you said it would!  

Bob Visintainer, Rhapsody Music and Cinema

Richmond, Virginia

September 2012

PurePower+™ 2000

... some initial feedback on your PurePower+ 2000 device:
much whiter whites, much more deeper blues, blacks and reds on my Kuro plasma. 
Sonically, my system never sounded better; incredibly clear clean "punchy" lows via the sub-woofer; highs and mid range very very "crisp". Hearing things I've never heard before when I watch Blu-Ray DVD's.
Well done!! on your newest PROD release of the PurePower+ 2000 device.

Derek Shishakly
Oakville, ON

June 2012

PurePower+™ 2000

"The experience of this thing – your 2000 plus – is mind blowing. It’s a gigantic, huge and massive improvement in ways that I couldn’t even have imagined. A whole different stereo system, a whole different sound stage, whole different bits of information, bits of information that I hadn’t heard before, bass information that is massive by comparison. So it’s huge."

Derek Shishakly,
Automated Media Solutions



John Zellers
New Hampshire

June 2012

PurePower+™ 1500

"A lot of "grunge" is gone. I hear things I have never heard before. There is a "sweetness" that wasn't there before. Dynamics are better. Bass is both fuller, and more tuneful or "fast". Tonality is wonderfully pure. Most importantly, I find myself wanting to listen more; and not getting tired. This is just what I had hoped for. And I have a happy feeling that is similar to what I used to experience in my room, before the gremlins in our electronic world gradually took over. It's what I remember music used to be like at home! It has been a very long time, and I didn't realize how long.

So ... thank you."

John Zellers

Don Crawford,
St.Paul, MN

May 2011

PurePower™ 1050

"Received the PurePower 1050 this morning and played SACDs  and then LPs the rest of the day. All I can say is "WOW" the 1050 is the best improvement in my 35 years of High End audio experience!  The "Enjoy The Music" reviewer was right!  My Magnepan 3.6 speakers with  the Pass Labs XA30.5 amp is producing "State of Art" sound quality.  Very dynamic, 3D, pure, sound from the bass to extreme high frequencies. I would have never expected that.

Could not be more pleased!  Well worth the wait."

Don Crawford, May 2011

Marc Schulten,

April 2011

PurePower™ 1050

I am really surprised. I have had a lot of different power equipment in my home. With the PurePower, I finally have the result I was searching for.   Just Great!

Marc Lucas Schulten, April 2011

Jack Gammer,  

August 2010

PurePower™ 2000

"I bought a PurePower 2000 and couldn't be happier.  Great service to the customer.  Their "buzz cancellation trim pot" was the piece d' resistance.  It removed the power supply transformer buzz in my Krell S 1500 5 channel amp just like magic.  Great piece!"

Jack Gammer, Canadian Audiophile

Bill Gaw,  
New Hampshire

June 2010

PurePower™ 2000

"So how did the system sound? All I can say is WOW!!! On two channel SACDs and computerized digitized reproductions of studio analog tapes from the 50's and 60's, the sound was unbelievable, the best my system has sounded in it's 28 years of existence. And the sound has not varied by day, time of day, or programming. In other words, the units have cleaned up the electricity to the point where its quality never varies.

.... I’ll be selling off all of my other AC filters, and I suggest you do the same and purchase one or more of these units before they are inundated with buyers as their supplies of the units are limited."

Full review at:

Maryland, USA

 January, 2010

PurePower™ 2000

"I am a bit hard to impress any more but the PurePower has managed to bump the performance up a notch. I am now able to run my whole system from one power conditioner and actually love the results.

I kicked it up a notch this evening to put the unit through its paces and see if it it holds up under some "pressure". Hugh Masekela "Hope" CD was chosen for its exemplary clean and wide dynamic range. Cranking up the sound to beyond the "usual", the drums exhibited stupendous slam, crispness and articulation. The Lamm amps hold up to the punishing 1.8 ohm dip at 90Hz that Wilson Sasha presents easily and I'd say this PurePower unit will hold up to anything I can throw at it with its 2000VA/1400w power rating and the demand from the amps. I am happy.  Transients are crisp and well controlled but the input side of AC does dip even further than 115v  The output side is still rock steady at 120V.  Good enough for me."

Full review at:

Jacques Vandepitte,  Belgium

 December, 2009

PurePower™ 2000i

"The last time a experienced this kind of instant emotional delivery was when I took the Rock n Roller Coaster ride at Disney Paris.

What the PurePower 2000i does for me is make sure that my rig performs like during the golden hours, but then all of the time and then some.

IMHO the PurePower 2000i offers exceptional value for money...just one word of caution though, try not to be too enthusiastic in front of your dealer before you have negotiated a deal."

Jacques Vandepitte, Zonhoven, Belgium 12/09

Full review at:

Morten Eskildsen,  Denmark

 May, 2009

 PurePower™ 1050i

"At my demo facility in Denmark, we have the Krell Evolution 505 and 202 connected to a PP 2000i and it sounds really good.   Amps are 2x Evolution 400 and speakers Wilson WATT/Puppy8.  

 We have also ARC CD8 and LS26 connected to a PP 1050i.   Speakers are Montana XPS and amps are 2x ARC 610T - and I have never in my life heard anything as good - my goodness !!!!"

Morten Eskildsen, High Performance Audio, Denmark 5/09

Dan White, Angola

April 2009

PurePower™ 2000i

"I just want to pass on how well the Pure Power 2000 is doing in Angola.  On a daily average I loose power 6 to 7 times and day. The 2000 keeps my system running smooth and I have no more sharp spikes when I loose power. Out of all the equipment I own this should be the first one buy.
Thanks Again for all your help.


Sujesh Pavithran, Malaysia

April, 2009

PurePower™ 1050i

"Rarely does a power product come along that takes away nothing and instead, enhances almost every aspect of your system. The PurePower 1050i is one such uncommon beast."

For more details, see the full review at

Brent Rainwater, Rainwater Audio, 
South Carolina

February, 2009

PurePower™ 2000

Audiophiles are a funny group. Compulsive, often manic depressive and deeply committed to their audio systems. Ask us to describe the latest improvements and we become Oscar Wilde dipping into our deep hat of colorful descriptive adjectives. What happened last night left me drawing a complete blank as I gasped for words to convey my reaction to a product I am evaluating for my company.

Pure Power AC Regenerator Model 2000 is the product. Damian Janzen is the co-owner and if he doesn't walk around with a "Viagra-like grin" on his face all the time, then he is simply too modest. In case I am boring you, let me cut to the chase. With a completely straight face, I can stake my professional reputation on this statement: This  is the most astounding single product I have ever listened to in 35 years of this hobby.  Maybe because its inexpensive ... maybe because I don't see people camped out on street corners claiming their lives have been changed by this thing... or just maybe because I have not read about it or heard about it nearly enough in the mainstream press.   Whatever the reason, I don't understand how it isn't hailed as  the cure for cancer or the world economy. Oh yes, it is that good.  This is from their site:

 “The PurePower™ APS (Audio Power Supply) provides truly regenerated pure power regardless of what problems exist in your utility supply. This is accomplished through our double conversion technology.  We convert the incoming power to produce a clean DC current, then recreate a 60 Hz, 120 volt AC wave-form from the DC.  No spikes, sags, surges or other power disturbances can be passed through from input to output.”

I found out about it from a very erudite audio buddy of mine who has Boulder amps and Wilson Maxx 2 speakers. He maintained I was  "out of touch " by not carrying this line.   Out of touch... how dare you sir! I read everything printed in page and web text, I am the obsessive compulsive one remember?

Sonics: Detail you never knew existed on recordings. Microscopic detail in fact. Weight of cymbals, density of plucked string, depth of percussion and voices... oh my .... voices that defy you to say this is an electrical reproduction event.

Tone: Nothing can prepare you for the kaleidoscope of tonal purity this product delivers. Period, end of discussion.

Transients: The acceleration from midnight to attack is startling. You will be digging out every percussion disc you own and rushing to the computer to order everything you can get with  explosive orchestral passages.

Purity: This is difficult to describe but it all sounds so natural and effortless. Dynamic swings take you by surprise but never at the expense of ease and continuous flow.

The price: You will be wishing you got a few of these before Damian gets wise and triples the price.

System: Aerial 20 T speakers, Aerial SW 12 subs. Conrad Johnson LP140 Monoblocs, Wadia 781i cd-sacd player, David Elrod Statement Gold cables, Critical Mass Grand Master isolation RPG acoustical treatment. All lines are isolated - dedicated from a separate sub panel, separate grounding rod for this system …. every piece of gear on its own circuit.

 Brent Rainwater, South Carolina

John Lediaev, Iowa

March 2009

PurePower™ 2000

Pure Power 2000 significantly enhanced the sonics over and above what my previous high end AC conditioner provided: greater dynamics with more punch and liveliness, cleaner and faster transients, better defined and tighter bass, more open highs yielding greater delicacy, increased resolution of complex orchestral passages, cleaner and purer harmonic texture, easier to perceive nuances and longer decays, more natural and relaxed presentation, and enhanced soundstage elements: depth, focus, air, separation of instruments, and transparency.

John Lediaev, March 2009

Desireable Audio Boutique, Malaysia

March, 2009

PurePower™ 2000

Immediately apparent now is the startling clarity offered by the music playing system, like a window glass that has just been wiped clean. Noise floor is very certainly brought down by a mile. I found myself now admiring the focus of each and every instrument within the deep, wide sound stage!

The vocals are now very palpable and believable. In fact so good, with recordings that have it, you can certainly hear a face in the room too! I really liked the Pure Power APS 2000 powering my system, it's probably one of the best power line solutions money can buy today.

Panzer, Malaysia

Brent Tuthill, North Carolina

January, 2009

PurePower™ 1050

"It HAS TO BE one of the finest audio products there is!

Had an audiophile friend over yesterday for an audition. He had heard my system several times 'before' the 1050. Had a good basis for comparison. Auditioning session ran 3 hours. 

He was absolutely blown away by the improvements he heard .. and this guy has heard 'his' more times than he can remember .. but NEVER LIKE THIS!

I, personally, am blown away every time I now watch a DVD! Has taken it to a whole new level. Let me tell you .. I didn't know my equipment was 'this' good .. until now! I could go on and on .. but I won't. I know you've heard it all before.

 Brent Tuthill, Hendersonville, NC

Romy "The Cat", 

January, 2009

PurePower™ 2000

"I appreciate audio devices that instead of demonstrating their own qualities, force you to think about sound. The new PurePower 2000 is turning to be such a device. I have so many ideas and so many thoughts with the sound the 2000 produces that I truly surprised myself. Today, spending many hours with my new regenerator and listening to music, I could not hold myself from laughing as many times I caught myself acknowledging that this or that aspect of the sound was exactly how I always insisted it should be. It was like being an orphan and suddenly discovering one's own parents

Somehow the PP2000 surgically removes all negative manifestations that are typically associated with bad electricity but keeps everything else absolutely un-affected.

After spending those 4 days with the PurePower 2000, I suggest that they adopt my proposal for a new slogan: "We do not 'f ***-up' your Sound." As far as my familiarity with power treatment devices is concerned, I know of no other power company or product that might be entitled to use this slogan.

It looks like the PurePower 2000 resolves the problem with electricity once and for good..."

 Roman Bessnow,

Mike Spink, England

May, 2008

PurePower™ 1050

I'm a real advocate of PurePower.  I'm in the UK and suffer from "dirty mains" - lots of voltage fluctuation and harmonics that cause the torroidial transformers on my valve (tube) amp to hum badly.
I did a lot of research into various techniques to "clean up" the mains, and decided to go for regeneration.  Frankly, nothing else seemed to make sense to me - I'm not an electrical engineer, but
the thought of trying to resolve mains quality and interference problems using "smoothing" techniques just didn't add up !
So I spent my UK£ to buy the 1050 and the difference is simply astounding.  The overall system quality is significantly improved - the noise floor seems much lower and subjectively the sound is more dynamic or "agile". 
I'm a vinyl junkie with a top-end system (VAC Phi-Beta amp, Sonus Faber Amati speakers, Oracle 1.1 Ultra-Wide cables, Roksan TMS2 T/T with SME V arm, Clearaudio Insider Ref Cartridge and Clearaudio phone stage) and I was not expecting to notice such a big difference running the system on the APS,
but my ears tell me otherwise !

Mike Spink, May 2008

Jerry Del Coliano, California
June, 2008

PurePower™ 1050

“I wouldn’t build a high-end  home theater system without a PurePower device.  Battery back up is just a start.   Completely clean, regenerated power is yet another. If top performance and 100% reliability are at the top of your list of system goals – I would make the investment in Pure Power.”

    Jerry Del Colliano
, Publisher, and PurePower owner

Audio Video Revolution
February 2008
Review by:

Ken Taraszka, M.D,

PurePower™ 700

The level of improvement this added to my already exceptional system was akin to a total system upgrade; it did more than I could have imagined a power product could do. Add in all the protection, ability to run on battery power and the fact that I can safely use my system during our frequent Florida lightning storms without worry, and I think it’s a steal. I am keeping this in my system and recommend you get one, too.

In the end, this is the best, most performance-oriented AC power device we have tested at

For more details, see the entire Audio Video Revolution review online

Barry Richardson, Hawaii
December, 2005

PurePower™ 1050

"This is some terrific product, the difference in the clarity of the video, especially in hi def, was remarkable. WOW. I hadn't expected that much difference in picture quality. 

I'm actually going to use this unit for my audio equipment, so, I'll just have to get another for video."

Barry Richardson, Dec 2005

Positive Feedback
August 2005
Review by:
John Beavers

PurePower™ 1050

"I tried each component connected to a wall outlet, then connected to the Pure Power 1050. In every case, the component sounded better when connected to the APS device."

"The other thing that was immediately apparent was an increase in the ease with which the music flowed. The previously sluggish stream was now a steady-flowing river. Cool!"

"I now consider the APS Pure Power 1050 to be an integral part of my audio system, one that I would not want to live without. Highly recommended!"

For more details, see the entire Positive Feedback Online review.

Audio Video Revolution
February 2005
Review by:
Brian Southard

PurePower™ 1050

"Auditioner beware: after hearing this level of performance improvement, there is no way I can live without Pure Power in my system."

"Clearly the Audiophile APS PurePower 1050 performed better than the Richard Gray 400s on my video projector ... I have come to the conclusion that the PurePower 1050 is the ultimate piece of electronics for video use. Combined with the vast improvements in color and contrast, something that many display devices lack in this day of fixed pixel digital displays, it provides better backup for safeguarding your display by allowing it to properly cool off in the event of a power outage."

"The PurePower 1050’s sonic and video improvements eclipse the impressive feats I remember vividly while evaluating the Exact Power EP15A."

For more details, see the entire Audio Video Revolution review online.

February 2005
Review by:
Henry Wilkinson
Contributing Reviewer

PurePower™ 1050

"With the Audiophile APS in use, the various rhythms and textures that he used were reproduced with much more clarity. The different types of cymbals used could be heard much more easily. The increase in clarity was not accompanied by any hardness or glare, and that's a good thing. Tonally, music overall from top to bottom seemed richer, more full sounding as compared to the sound using the PS-Audio P-300."

"I am not aware of any other power line regenerator that has all of the capabilities of the APS 1050. Considering price, performance, technology and style, the Audiophile APS PurePower 1050 Power Conditioner receives my highest recommendation."

For more details, see the entire Audiophilia review.

Mike C., Central Florida

February, 2005

PurePower™ 1050

"I live in central Fla - we get daily lightening storms for 6 months of the year which will test the toughest of PLCs. One of the reasons I'm purchasing a 1050 is because of what sounds like impenetrable surge protection."

"A few years ago, I lost about $8000 USD worth of amps (which I thought were well protected thru a Tice Powerblock 3C) and last year I lost a board in my prepro thru a BMI Shark PLC. The batteries (conversion to DC) seem an integral part of the design and the surge protection so I just wanted to ensure that the batteries were robust and that I'd have some way to know when to replace them. Replacing $400 worth of batteries is trivial compared to damaged equipment."

"Looks like a terrific product and unique in the marketplace - thanks."


July 1st 2004 issue
Review by:
David Millman
Contributing Writer

PurePower™ 1050

"Audiophilia is about finding insight into and deriving enjoyment from recorded music that's simply unavailable without gear of sufficient quality. Audiophile APS can take pride in knowing they're providing such access."

"All of the intimacy and the immediacy of Cullum live, including the way he hugs the microphone and the position of the band, are conveyed through the playback chain powered by the PurePower 1050."

"Now knowing what an improvement the '1050 makes to my system in total, I'm starting to dread having to send the unit back."

For more details, see the entire Soundstage! review online


The Inner Ear Report
Nov/Dec 2003 Issue
Review by:
Ernie Fisher - Editor

Audiophile APS 1000 

“For our test, we used a pair of Bryston 7B SST monoblocks and the Acoustic Arts power amplifier. Thus, we had two very power-hungry systems that can draw as much as 1000 watts when in operation… The APS handled the loads effortlessly when in the regenerating mode. We then pulled the plug and, to our utmost surprise, the system(s) continued to perform as though power hadn¹t been interrupted at all.”

 “…the APS … picked up subtle distinctive and complex underlying tonal structures never ascertained before. Midrange clarity improved as well and may be the result of the amplifiers¹ noise-free performance. …the APS allowed better, more clear-cut imaging, focus and time-based accuracy.”

For more details, click here to download the full review. 

The Audio Ideas Guide
Winter 2003 issue
Review by:
Andrew Marshall - Editor


Audiophile APS 1000 

“…all looked and sounded spectacular, with great dynamics and a superb high definition picture…”
 “With the APS 1000 we are adding… a much greater purity of AC signal and all the benefits it confers on picture and sound.”

“In a home theatre system …cleaning up the AC seems to me a good investment, one that you can definitely see and hear...”

For more details, pick up a copy of AIG or visit Andrew Marshall's Audio Ideas Guide web site.

Rob S. of Hamilton
September 2003 

Audiophile APS 1000 

"I do not notice any annoying buzzing sounds from my amp and other components any more, it helped a lot and the television picture is better as well. Having all the major components plugged in does make a big difference". 


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